izabelabzymekheadshot5Izabela Bzymek graduated from Canterbury Arts High School (Ottawa) in 1997, and then started animation at Vancouver Film School where she completed the one year 2D animation course and produced a short film called “Playtime”. Since Feb 1999 Izabela has worked in the animation industry, working on various commercials and feature films.

In 2002/2003 Izabela completed a one year 3D animation course at Capilano College producing another short film called “Loco Melones” that won her 1st place at the AMD animation festival.

reel2017 from Izabela Bzymek on Vimeo.


If you’d like to download Izabela’s resume in PDF format, click here.¬†

In 2005, Izabela was introduced to the National Film Board of Canada, and she got to direct and animate a 12 minute 3D film,”Oma’s Quilt”. It won fist place in Yorkton for best Children’s film in 2008.


Oma’s Quilt by Izabela Bzymek, National Film Board of Canada

Some highlights include a position as a senior animator on the feature Angry Birds (2016).

Izabela currently lives in Vancouver, where she is working on the feature films.

Visit Izabela’s IMDB listings for additional animation credits.